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Policy and Documentation Services

BOTs and Management must ensure that their institution’s policies continue to be relevant, workable and effective documents, that successfully guide the governance and management of the School.

Croydon Consulting can assist education institutions review existing policies and procedures, write, develop and support the implementation of new policies and guidelines. Our policies are written in plain language (not legalese), practical, user friendly and compliant.

The aim of our documentation and policy writing service is to produce quality documentation which:

  • meets the needs of the organisation and its stakeholders
  • complements existing policies, procedures and systems
  • is compliant with relevant legislation, NZQA, Ministry of Education or TEC requirements
  • reflects the values, charter, culture, and direction of the organisation
  • is in line with the organisation’s strategic and annual plans
  • encourages a culture of continuous improvement.
  • reflects best practice