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ERO Services

External support for BOTs and Management before and during ERO visits, by an independent advisor, can help ensure that a school receives a ‘fair hearing’, and a ‘balanced’ ERO Report.

Our consultant is able to help Schools prepare for ERO visits, including assistance with Self Audit Checklists, act as a ‘Friend of the School’ and support the BOT / Management team during the ERO visit.

We carry out pre ERO visit Compliance Reviews, Reviews of ERO focus areas and Reviews of problem areas within the school. Problem area Reviews completed 6-8 months before the ERO visit, enable BOTs and Management to take a positive proactive approach; and put in place strategies to address any issues and implement the necessary improvements, prior to the ERO visit taking place.

We also assist with ERO Report follow up improvement plans to address the issues identified in the ERO report and provide advice and guidance to Schools during the implementation of the required improvements.