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PTE QMS Documentation

Our Consultant has many years’ experience in writing / developing PTE (QMS) Systems/Manuals and he is now widely regarded as an industry expert in education QMS documentation. The Croydon PTE QMS documentation is ‘tried & tested’ by PTEs, has proven to be very effective and popular and is now used by PTEs from throughout New Zealand. The Croydon QMS System/Manual has become an industry benchmark standard.

Croydon has also produced a range of comprehensive PTE QMS Development Guides, comprising specifications, templates, forms, exemplars and policy documentation, to enable Private Training Establishments to develop their own organisation-specific QMS Manuals required for initial NZQA Registration and Ongoing NZQA Registration.

In order to meet NZQA’s Ongoing Registration requirements (including External Evaluation & Review – KEQ 6 Compliance Accountabilities), existing PTEs are now also using our QMS Development Guides to complete a Self Review of compliance and their existing Management Systems (called a QMS Systems Review) and to update and strengthen their existing QMS Manuals, processes, procedures and practice. 

The PTE QMS Development Guides are available as hard copy and in digital form as MS Word Doc files on USB flash drive (ready to be customised). The digital form includes a User Licence (with no on-going fees) which gives the PTE the full legal right to customise, develop and copy the documentation for their internal use.

See Downloadable Files for free example Forms, Exemplar and Toolkit from the Croydon PTE QMS Development Guide, released under a free Creative Commons Licence.

The following recommendation is made by the CEO of a PTE that has successfully used the Croydon Development Guides to create a complete QMS Manual & PTE QMS System for a new PTE NZQA Registration.

“The Croydon Development Guides are excellent – very comprehensive and robust, easy to use, practical and professional. The exemplar policies, procedures and templates can be readily customised and developed, and are ideal for ensuring compliance and implementing best practice”. (The contact details of CEOs from PTE’s that have successfully used the Croydon QMS Development Guides are available on request). 

See the Resources section for details of the PTE QMS documentation that Croydon is offering for sale to PTEs. Also see Articles.