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PTE Development Plan

A Development Plan sets out the future of an organisation; it involves a PTE completing a ‘stock-take’ of its current situation and establishing baseline data. Then carrying out a full internal review, including a review of the core aspects of the organisation, such as: it’s Mission, Charter, goals, internal structures and policies. Stakeholder groups are consulted and stakeholders needs assessed. Recent organisational results and outcomes are then analysed and evaluated, priorities established, and improvement opportunities and initiatives identified.

For many PTEs a Development Plan approach is a cost-effective method of initiating and implementing NZQA’s evaluative quality assurance and Self Assessment requirements.

Development Plans should be internally driven and facilitated by the organisation’s own personnel, with external support and guidance utilised as required.

Croydon Consulting is able to provide PTEs with a Development Plan framework, guide the organisation through the process, and assist with the necessary documentation.