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External Reviews, Review Reports and Improvement Plans

External Reviews/Evaluations provide a fresh pair of eyes and the opportunity of a new approach to a situation.

Our consultant is able to conduct independent, targeted effectiveness Reviews/Evaluations of any programme or any aspect of your institution’s structure or operations, that is within the scope of the services offered by Croydon Consulting.

Confidential Review Reports are produced with Recommendations and an Improvement Plan to address any deficiencies. The Review Reports highlight strengths and weaknesses and suggest strategies for good practice.

Support and assistance is available during implementation of the improvement strategies, including the provision of any necessary documentation, such as policies and procedural handbooks.

Examples of targeted Reviews include:

  • Review of Assessment and Moderation
  • Reviews to address specific concerns raised by NZQA during an External Evaluation and Review visit.
  • Review of effectiveness of internal policies and procedures.