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External Evaluation and Review Services

NZQA’s External Evaluation and Review (EER) focuses on the quality and effectiveness of the organisation’s own Self Assessment Process and the resulting judgements, decision making and planning by the PTE. The self assessment process must guide ongoing, sustainable improvement within the organisation.

Croydon Consulting is able to assist PTEs prepare for External Evaluation and Review visits by NZQA. This could involve our consultant carrying out a confidential External Review of the PTE 6 to 8 months before the NZQA visit takes place, with a full Review Report, Recommendations and an Improvement Plan (if required).

This enables a check to ensure that ‘everything is in order’ and it also gives the PTE the time (and the confidence) to implement any necessary changes, before the actual NZQA External Evaluation and Review visit takes place.

See article Good Practice Approach to External Evaluation and Review (EER) for further information.