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PTE QMS Development Guides

Croydon Consulting LTD (Education Management Consultants) is offering a range of exemplar PTE Management System documentation for sale to Private Training Establishments.

Our Education Management Consultant, who specialises in educational QMS documentation, has successfully developed a range of PTE QMS Development Guides, comprising Guides, development Toolkits, Exemplars, pro forma Templates and example Forms; to assist PTEs produce the organisation-specific documentation and systems required for new PTE Registration.

The Croydon PTE QMS documentation is ‘tried & tested’ by PTEs, has proven to be very effective and popular and is now used by a range of PTEs from throughout New Zealand.

In order to meet NZQA’s External Evaluation & Review (KEQ 6 Compliance Accountabilities) requirements existing PTEs are now also using our QMS Development Guides to complete a Self Review of compliance and their existing Management Systems, called a QMS Systems Review, and to update and strengthen their existing QMS Manuals, processes, procedures and practice.

 PTE Governance Board’s and Management have a duty to exercise ‘due diligence’ and to ensure that the PTE’s Management System and QMS Manual are regularly reviewed, current, complete, ‘fit for purpose’, compliant and representative of good practice. QMS documents should be continually improved and developed to reflect the changing circumstances, needs and requirements of stakeholders and the PTE. This is done by asking evaluative questions, such as: How useful and effective is our existing QMS? What parts of the QMS are working well and what are not? Are there any deficiencies. How can the QMS be developed into a more useful and effective management tool?

A robust QMS Systems Review enables a PTE to be confident that their QMS Manual and Systems are ‘fit for purpose’ and compliant – before signing-off on the NZQA Annual Return Statutory Declaration.

Systems Reviews also enable a PTE to be better prepared for their next NZQA External Evaluation & Review (EER) which now includes the NZQA compliance Key Evaluation Question: ‘How effectively are important compliance accountabilities managed by the PTE’.

Our generic QMS Development Guides provide exemplar & template policies, guidelines, procedures and forms that are able to be cherry-picked and used / customised by PTEs to meet their individual requirements, address any deficiencies and non-compliance, and to update and strengthen their existing QMS Manuals procedures and practice.

The Development Guides incorporate the various new NZQA Rules and compliance requirements affecting PTEs including the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) legislation.

It is important that PTE Self Assessment (and the preparation for EER) incorporate both the NZQA Key Evaluation Questions and the new (2017) NZQA Tertiary Evaluation Indicators. The recently updated Croydon Self Assessment Programme Development Guide successfully integrates the new NZQA Tertiary Evaluation Indicators into Self Assessment.

See Articles to view a copy of the Croydon ‘Common deficiencies and non-compliance in PTE QMS Manuals’. N.B. the Croydon Development Guides clearly and effectively address these deficiencies & non-compliance.

Our PTE QMS Development Guides are available separately for each of the following QMS Handbooks; the stand-alone Handbooks form part of a fully integrated and internally referenced PTE QMS Manual:

  • Governance and Management Handbook
  • Teaching and Learning Programme Handbook
  • Student Management and Support Handbook
  • Personnel Management Handbook                  
  • Assessment and Moderation Handbook
  • Health and Safety Handbook
  • Self Assessment Programme Handbook
  • Legislation Compliance Handbook

The PTE QMS Development Guides (excluding copyright) are available as hard copy and in digital form as MS Word Doc files on USB flash drive ready to be customised. The digital form includes a User Licence (with no on-going fees) which gives the PTE the full legal right to customise, develop and copy the documentation for their own internal use.

See Downloadable Files for free example Forms, Exemplars and Toolkits from the Croydon PTE QMS Development Guide, released under a free Creative Commons Licence.

The following recommendation is made by the CEO of a PTE that has successfully used the Croydon Development Guides to create a complete QMS Manual & PTE QMS System.

“The Croydon Development Guides are excellent – very comprehensive and robust, easy to use, practical and professional. The exemplar policies, procedures and templates can be readily customised and developed, and are ideal for ensuring compliance and implementing best practice”. The contact details of CEOs from PTE’s that have successfully used the Croydon QMS Development Guides are available on request.

Development Guide Details

The Development Guides and word doc files are able to cherry-picked and customised by PTEs to meet their own specific needs and requirements and are ideal for PTEs wishing to fine-tune, strengthen, update or replace their existing PTE policy, processes, procedures and practice.

  • Governance and Management Handbook: Includes the NZQA Compliance Accountabilities Key Evaluation Question. Covers PTE Charter, Strategic & Annual planning, Governance responsibilities, managing conflict of interest, risk management, PTE social responsibility, fee protection arrangements.
  • Health & Safety Handbook:  A complete, comprehensive PTE Health and Safety programme / system specifically designed for PTEs to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015). The Handbook has been peer reviewed by an independent Health & Safety professional.
  • Self Assessment Handbook: A proven, comprehensive self assessment programme / system, comprising a robust self assessment policy, framework, process & procedures, exemplar information, pro forma templates, development toolkits and example forms. This updated Handbook provides a good practice self assessment programme model and successfully integrates the new (2017) NZQA Tertiary Evaluation Indicators into self assessment. It is ideal for existing PTEs wishing to fine-tune, strengthen or update their existing self assessment system, processes, procedures and practice. This Development Guide enables PTEs to take their own existing self assessment programme to the next level.
  • Personnel Management Handbook: A PTE Personnel management system that includes the 8 essential PTE Personnel Policies & procedures documentation, a Staff Code of Conduct and  Performance Management forms and templates.
  • Legislation Compliance Handbook: A Handbook for staff that explains in simple terms and every-day language, the laws relating to PTEs and PTE legislative compliance accountabilities.
  • Student Management & Support Handbook: Includes the procedures & documentation relating to student management, including student well-being, academic monitoring, student behaviour rules, example student information & enrolment procedures and forms, and student goal setting. 
  • Assessment & Moderation Handbook: A complete PTE Assessment and Moderation System.