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NCEA Assessment Good Practice Guide for Teachers

Croydon Consulting Ltd has been successfully producing NCEA Assessment Management resources and documentation for NZ Secondary Schools for many years. Our education resources are now used widely by education institutions throughout New Zealand.

The Consultancy has recently updated and re-released its very successful NCEA Assessment Good Practice Guide for Teachers.  A master for this 30 page Resource is now available to be purchased by Secondary Schools.

This generic Good Practice Guide has proven to be very effective and ideal for School Beginning Teacher Programmes, on-going staff professional development and one-off NCEA assessment refresher sessions for staff.

The NCEA Assessment Good Practice Guide for Teachers (cost $190 plus GST) is sold as a master on MS Word Doc File and includes copyright rights and permission for individual Schools to customise, edit, name/brand and print multiple copies of the resource for internal use. To view a sample of the Good Practice Guide go to Sample NCEA Assessment Good Practice Guide for Teachers (PDF).