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Downloadable Files

The following education documentation written by Peter Keith of Croydon Consulting has been released under a free Creative Commons License. The files are able to be downloaded, shared, adapted, copied and used for no cost and no ongoing fees, as long as credit is given to the original creator (Peter Keith).

Student Evaluation Form & PTE Charter – Downloadable Files

See the Development Guide Instructions extract below plus free Student Evaluation Form Files, PTE Charter Exemplar file, Conflict of Interest Declaration Template file and PTE Charter Toolkit file from the Croydon PTE QMS Development Guides (Self Assessment Handbook & Governance and Management Handbook)

Development Guide Instructions (extract from Croydon QMS Dev. Guide)   

All Forms, Checklists, Toolkits, Exemplars and Templates (in the Croydon QMS Development Guides) are provided as word doc files that can be edited and filled out digitally, used as a hard copy master or converted into a pdf file. Some commonly used Forms and Templates are provided in two versions – version 1 a word doc file e.g. Student Evaluation Form (Form 7/T19 V1), and version 2 an electronic ‘fillable form’ version e.g. Student Evaluation Form (E-Form 7T/19 V2). The fillable form versions, called E-Forms and E-Templates, can have editing restrictions (with a password) placed on them. This is done by going to FILE à PROTECT DOCUMENT à RESTRICT EDITING à FILLING IN FORMS à PASSWORD. This protects the document headings from unintentional editing. These protected word fillable forms (with set headings) are then able to be safely completed electronically by users. The headings can only be edited by the password holder.

Free Downloadable Files