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About us

Croydon Consulting Ltd was established by Peter Keith to provide quality, independent education management advice and support to Secondary Schools and Private Training Establishments (PTEs), throughout New Zealand.

Peter is Managing Director of Croydon Consulting, and the firm’s lead Consultant. He has over 25 years’ experience in education, including at senior management level. Currently he works as an independent Education Management Consultant for Croydon Consulting.

Peter has considerable hands on experience in the review, development and implementation of good practice education management systems. He has particular expertise in evaluative quality assurance, PTE compliance accountabilities, carrying out external and internal reviews, and preparing and supporting institutions for External Evaluations/Reviews (by ERO and NZQA). See the Article Good Practice Approach to External Evaluation & Review (EER)

Croydon Consulting specialises in the PTE QMS Documentation policies and procedures and forms required for PTE Registration and Accreditation.  Our Consultant has been involved in helping to set up a large variety of new PTEs over many years. He is very experienced in this area, he knows all the potential problems & pitfalls and has developed all the necessary QMS templates, exemplars and policy documentation. See the Article by Peter Keith, Common Deficiencies & Non Compliance in PTE QMS Manuals.

Our Consultant developed the PTE Management System (QMS) Model and he is recognised as an industry expert in education QMS Systems/Manuals. The Croydon PTE QMS documentation is ‘tried & tested’ by PTEs, it has proven to be very effective and popular and is now used throughout NZ by a range of PTEs. See PTE QMS Development Guides.

Peter is very experienced in NZQA Assessment and Moderation Management and has worked as a Moderator for NZQA. 

During the past 20 years, Peter has been a prolific writer and creator of original education management resources and documentation. 

The services provided by Croydon Consulting are based around our consultant’s practical experience, proven ability, qualifications and knowledge, professional standards and ethics.

See Downloadable Files for free example Forms, Exemplar and Toolkit from the Croydon PTE QMS Development Guide, released under a free Creative Commons Licence.

For further details on the specialist education services offered by Croydon Consulting go to  Services for PTEs or Services for Schools.