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Providing Education Management advice and support to Schools and PTEs

Welcome to Croydon Consulting

Croydon Consulting Limited provides specialist Education Management advice and support to Schools and Private Training Establishments (PTEs). The Consultancy was established by Peter Keith, who has over 25 years’ experience in education.

The Consultancy specialises in the development of  PTE QMS Documentation required for new PTE Registration and Accreditation applications with NZQA and helping to set up new PTEs.

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Self Assessment Handbook – Development Guide
Health & Safety Handbook – Development Guide

These two Croydon Handbook Development Guides are available directly to PTEs.

The Handbook Development Guides (and word doc files) are ready to be cherry-picked, adapted and customised by PTEs to meet their own specific needs and requirements. The Development Guides are ideal for existing PTEs wishing to fine-tune, develop, strengthen, update or simply replace their existing systems, policy, processes, procedures and practice.

Both Handbooks comprise a robust policy, framework, processes & procedures, exemplar information, pro forma templates, development toolkits and example forms, all on USB.

The Health and Safety Handbook and health and safety system are specifically designed for PTEs to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015). The Handbook and system have also been successfully peer reviewed by an independent Health & Safety practitioner.

The Self Assessment Handbook Development Guide provides a comprehensive good practice self assessment programme that successfully integrates the NZQA Tertiary Evaluation Indicators into self assessment. The Development Guide enables PTEs to take their own existing self assessment programmes to the next level.

The Croydon Consulting PTE QMS documentation has been used and ‘tried and tested’ by PTEs for many years and is now used widely throughout New Zealand.

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